HP M0H50A Tri-color GT Printhead


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Brand: HP

Product: New

Generic Name: Tri-color Printhead

Model no.: M0H50AA

Warranty: HP Terms & Condition


HP Genuine Print Head M0H50A  Print Head Replacement Kit

For Use With:

HP DeskJet GT-5810 Printer
HP DeskJet GT-5820 Printer
HP DeskJet GT-5811 Printer
HP DeskJet GT-5821 Printer
HP DeskJet GT 5810 And 5820 All-in-One Printers (PrintHeads need to be Changed in a Pair)
HP Ink Tank 310 Series Printer
HP Ink Tank Wireless 410 Series Printer
HP Smart Tank 350 Series Printer
HP Smart Tank Wireless 450 Series Printer (PrintHeads can be Changed Individually)

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